John DePalma

John DePalma is well-known throughout the outdoor industry for the tremendous results he's delivered over 30 years of wildly-effective marketing.  Educated at the elite Gustavus Adolphus Business School, John honed his considerable skills with several of the outdoor industry's premier brands.  He was instrumental in doubling the sales of Filson in seven years.  Was on the leadership team that drove Red Wing to eclipse $300 million for the first time.  And was in the executive suite as Orion rose to the top of the outdoor TV production charts.  Today at Brand Intelligent, he's helping companies of all sizes to position their brands for greatness - and great results - today and tomorrow.

Jim McKenzie

With a true passion for hunting, shooting and sales covering a 26 year span, Jim McKenzie has guided at and managed some of the top hunting destinations such as The first Beretta Trident Waterfowl and Upland lodge and Kessler Canyon. As a Military Veteran with 22 years experience, he learned sales and marketing while managing some of the best US Navy's Marketing and Recruiting teams. His time managing coupled with his military recruiting experience lead to a unique understanding of how to build brand loyalty as well as results our clients will be excited to see.

Austin Manelick

Austin Manelick is our multi media specialist with a unique skill base and a healthy appetite for adventure. Known to most as a National Geographic Explorer and Survival Expert, Austin was born and raised in Alaska growing up hunting, fishing, and exploring the vast state.  After leaving Alaska to develop his pre-post and production expertise he graduated from Penn State University and began his professional life as an outdoor television videographer and producer.  Austin has worked with Brand Intelligent since 2010 on various projects including marketing, sales, web development, editing, and modeling.

Jon Dykes

Jon Dykes is an avid adventurer and professional marketer. After graduating from Penn State University, Jon began working in outdoor media and filming throughout Alaska and the western states. His passion lies in marketing and spreading ideas he believes in. His creativity and experience in numerous industries including tech-startups and leadership training, allow Jon to bring big ideas to life.

Wes Whatley

Having over 30 years experience in Television and Film, Wes has a wide range of experience that he brings to Brand Intelligent. Storytelling is at the heart of Wes' skills and being able to translate that to broadcast and the big screen is his forte'.  Wes cut his teeth in the sound design world, then quickly moved to producing and directing.  Wes has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood; Barbra Streisand and Kelsey Grammer, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Ed McMahon and Gary Collins, Don Rickles and one of his favorites - Sir Paul McCartney, just to name a few.  Having moved from Hollywood to Colorado and working on 4 network outdoor TV shows, Wes has developed a strong understanding of branded entertainment and brand management making him a perfect fit for Brand Intelligent.

Jason Slaton

With a family background in the film industry, Jason Slaton has continued the legacy achieving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver in Film, Theatre, and Television, with an emphasis in post-production. He produces, writes and edits multiple length sizzle reels, commercials, trailers, promo videos and full episodic series, helping the company achieve top Neilson ratings over multiple networks, nationwide. With over 12 years as a senior editor and independent producer, he has the ability to artistically visualize, concept, and create a brand by proposing new ideas, promoting innovative products, and inspiring viewers emotionally with a good story. When it comes to the industry, he is the workhorse to drive your brand to that next level of competition.


Tess Rousey

With a passion for design and a love for the outdoors, Tess Rousey brings over 10 years of design and marketing experience in the outdoor sector to Brand Intelligent. She has served as front-end developer and digital designer in a fast-paced, dot-com environment for an outdoor industry-leading retailer. Tess has successfully designed and developed marketing efforts ranging from email campaigns, microsites, sweepstakes, print marketing, logos, and social media strategies to a complete redesign of a multi-billion, multi-channel retailer’s on-line content. Clients benefit from her ability to analyze, prioritize and organize large quantities of information into easily digestible, eye-pleasing, effective, customer marketing materials.

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